Control your crypto exposure with confidence

Invest like a crypto professional

Participate in portfolios created by experienced cryptocurrency investors

Automatically earn yield on all your investments

Easily add rules to reduce the downside risk and optimize gains

Backed by some of the biggest names in DeFi

Powered by n-Assets

nAssets are a new type of synthetic asset that use Nova's programmable management layer to give users increased control and accessibility to powerful asset management tools.

Utilizing market data to recognize market trends and adjust nAsset composition directly on-chain to suit the current investment landscape.

Automatically optimise for additional gains through yield generation while also having the opportunity to reduce downside risk through Nova strategies.

Accessing a wider range of assets beyond cryptocurrency: NFT's, Securitized tokens & other types of digital value

What is the benefit?

nAsset tokens are composable which means they can be used across the entire DeFi space.

Cryptocurrency assets used to mint nAssets can be deployed into other DeFi protocols to provide liquidity and earn additional yield returns.

nAssets themselves can be used as a form of collateral by other DeFi protocols.

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Follow our roadmap

Q4 - IDO

MVP Launch

Launching the initial use case of nAssets and providing users with the first set of on-chain strategies and yield generators.

Q1 2022

Ethereum Deployment

Allowing users to access and control even more assets across multiple blockchains.

Q2 - 2022

Meritocratic Portfolio’s

Building more efficient on-chain decision making processes to govern portfolios and the wider Nova ecosystem.

Q3 2022


Providing increased access to DeFi and investment management tools to the wider retail audience.